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With Revolution Works, we turn your project into a realistic vision of your dreams by providing an exceptional design service. Our experts will explain all your options and answer any of your questions and provide you with enough detail to help you make the right decision. Our team works closely with each client to make sure we’re meeting and exceeding expectations.


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Exceeding your expectation is our prime mission


Setting up the floor plans is just one of many benefits that our homes can provide to its new owners, The ability to fully change, customise and create the living space that will be ideal for you without adding unnecessary costs is just one of many things we can do for you.

All homes can be made exactly to customer specification inside and outside, that's why we are sure no task will be too big for us.​


As an innovative and customer-driven company, we know that our customer deserves only the best and most reliable solutions, that's why we only work with the best in their industry to provide you with the best materials, finishes and details without compromising the variety of choices. For example, we only use high durability wood from Scandinavia to infuse our construction with a longer lifespan.


To stay above the competition we have to offer more choices than just the colour of the walls and floors. For this reason, our homes have no material boundaries. What every the customers wishes that's what he will be getting regardless if its golden door handles or Brazilian cherry wood flooring.


Options Extras

At Revolution Works we believe that having the ability to personalise your home is a must have, it's the reason why we are so proud of our product. However, wouldn't it be even more fun to add even more excitement to your new home with our options extra? 

We know that once you purchase your new home most people will be looking to add a few extras to there home such as ...

- Decking 

- Jacuzzi

- Outdoor Living Space

- Eco Solutions

- Outdoor Entertainment


As a Customer driven company, we go above and beyond to make your purchases as smooth as it should be and for that reason, we can design, supply and install any extras that you might desire.


We know that purchasing your new home isn't an easy decision and we know it's not like picking up a product from the shelf, that's why we always do our best to help the customer make the right decision on their dream home,


A 3D project visualisation can be supplied so that our customer know exactly what their future home will look like and will not have a feeling of making a purchase blindfold, Also just to give our customer a greater sense of confidence, our quotes aren't just a mixture of numbers that have no sense what so ever. as a consequence, all quotes delivered by us are highly detailed and well explained so it leaves no room for confusion.