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As a part of going 100% eco-friendly, we also provide a range of solutions for wind turbines that in conjunction with solar panels will make your home(s) pretty much self-efficient.

We call this the Hybrid as its a package of ...

  • Thermal Panels

  • Photovoltaic Panels

  • Midsize Wind turbine 

With all this installed you can easily have enough electricity for the whole day including using high consuming products like dishwasher, washing machine or kettle. On top of that, you will also gather enough thermal energy to run hot water all day.


We understand the importance of caring about our planet, but wouldn't it be good to save on your home utility cost and help the planet at the same time? 


That's why we are offering a solution for the future. We understand that helping to reduce the cost of maintaining your home will mean that you can save much more money in the long run regardless if you are a business, private owner or a holiday park.


Some of the benefits of adding solar panels are ...

  • Thermal panels can be used to heat your water tank direct which means warm water all year round.

  • Photovoltaic Panels will provide extra electricity for your home and if it's not used it will go back to the national grid which means the electricity company will be paying you for electricity.


How amazing is that ??