Tiny | Revolution Works


The TINY house has the measurements of 2.5m x 5m.


On the surface level there is a 12m2 living room where, should you desire, we can implement a sofa bed, kitchen or a fully equipped laundry room.


Above the living room you’ll find a bedroom with a very comfortable double bed, and above the bathroom there is a customizable space that can be utilised in many different ways.

The TINY house, despite its small dimensions, is spacious and comfortable so much so there is sleeping room for 4 adults.


The TINY house is a perfect solution for lovers of a minimalistic architecture as also for any form of camping or temporary residence. Despite being small the TINY house doesn’t compromise the level of comfort attained, in fact it enhances it giving it that warm cosy feeling of a minimalistic home.


The house is mobile as it is on wheels. And due to its dimensions, the house can be legally registered as a caravan.